Most Effective Yoga Poses For Beginner

Yoga, it is the essence of life. To go by the definition, it is a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciples that originated in ancient India. There is a vast variety of yoga schools, and goals in religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. It enriches the person both externally and internally. If you want to the benefits and the most effective yoga poses then please read ahead.

It is a well-known fact that this practice has been celebrated for a very long time but if you don’t know what exactly are its advantages then we have mentioned here some of them here.

  • It increases muscle strength and tone.
  • Helps in weight reduction.
  • Provides protection from injury.
  • Encourages cardio and circulatory health.
  • Aims in maintaining a balanced metabolism.
  • Increased flexibility.
  • Works to get improved respiration, energy and vitality.
  • And even improved athletic performance.

And now without any delay, we get to the main point of the article which is poses of yoga.

Most Effective Yoga Poses For Beginner

Mountain Pose: we will start by mountain pose which is the base for all the standing poses. It aims to give you a sense of ways to ground in to your feet. It is much more than that, it will help you feel the earth below you and reconnect. The pose may see like “simply standing” but there is a lot more that is going on. If you stand with your feet together, press down through all the ten toes of yours as you spread them open. You will have to redirect your quadriceps in order to lift you kneecaps and through the inner thighs. Then draw your abdominals in and up as you lift your chest then press the tops of the shoulders down. You will be able to feel your shoulder blades coming down towards each other and open your chest. Remember to keep your palms facing inwards which is towards the body. To get a better idea imagine a string drawing the crown of the head to the ceiling and then breathe deeply to the torso.

Downward Facing Dog: This pose is done in most of the yoga practices. It not only stretches but also strengthens the entire body. If you want to do this then come on all fours with your wrists under your shoulders and knees under your hips. You will be required to tuck under your toes then left your hips off the floor. Knees should be kept slightly bent if your hamstrings are tight, if not then you can straighten out your legs while your hips kept back. Walk your hands ahead to provide some length, if required. Your palms should be pressed firmly and the inner elbows should be rotated towards each other. Empty out the abdominals while keeping your legs moving the torso moving back and forth the thighs.

Triangle: it is a commendable standing posture which stretches the sides of the waist, then opens up the lungs and strengthens the legs by giving it a toned look to not only the legs but the entire body. If you want to try this pose then start by standing with your feet one leg’s length apart. Go ahead and stretch your arms to the sides at shoulder height, you will have to turn your right foot out to 90 degrees and your left toes in about 45 degrees. The pose will work if you engage your quadriceps and abdominals as you hinge sideways over the right leg, place your right hand down on your ankle, knee or shin then lift your left arm up. Don’t procrastinate and lift your gaze up to the top and hold your 5-8 breaths. You will notice changes in yourself soon if you follow it diligently.

Plank: the next pose on our list is plank that teaches us to balance on our hands while using the entire body to support it. It strengthens the abdominals in a fantastic way. It doesn’t end there it even regulates our breathes, which is a major achievement if you ask me. To do this, you will have to be on all fours, tuck under your toes followed by lifting your legs off the mat. It is not as easy as it sounds but it is worth it. Then slide your heels back until you feel as if you are one straight line that is being transmitted from the head to feet. Of course, there is some engaging of the lower abdominals then draw the shoulders down and far from the ears. You will have to pull your ribs together and breathe for 8-10 breathes.

These were some of the poses which could prove effective in maintaining our health and gaining fitness. What are your favorite poses, do let us know. You can leave your comment in the comment section down below

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