Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) in 24 Hours

Urinary tract infection(UTI) is an adverse infection that affects part of the urinary tract. It is known as cystitis(bladder infection) when it affects the lower urinary tract and pyelonephritis(kidney infection) when it affects the upper tract. Some symptoms of bladder infection are a pain with urination, frequent urination and feeling the need to urinate even though the bladder is empty. Fever and flank pain are the usual symptoms of kidney infection. Here in this article, we are going to share some Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)  in 24 Hours.

When the cases aren’t complicated UTIs can be treated with a short course of antibiotics. In complicated cases, intravenous antibiotics may be needed. But if the symptoms don’t improve even after taking the required dose of antibiotics, then diagnostic testing may be required. UTI is more important in women than men. In 2015 around 150 million developed a urinary tract infection. Risk factors of UTI include female anatomy, sexual intercourse, obesity, diabetes and family history.

When you begin proper treatment the symptoms of UTIs can start fading away in 24 hours. The treatment needs to be continued even after the symptoms are gone.

Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection

But you must know that antibiotics aren’t always the way to deal with urinary tract infection. Sometimes when the situation isn’t complicated, some remedies can do the trick. They can come in effect in under 24 hours. Yeah, these remedies can help you in getting rid of UTIs in 24 hours. From drinking a lot of water to getting all heated up, there are a lot of remedies that you need to adopt and won’t have to go too far in order search for them. These remedies can help you in your quest against UTI. These remedies do not require a prescription, However, consulting a doctor is important to bring these remedies into your life. So let’s go through these home remedies that can help you in getting rid of urinary tract infection.

  1. Drink A Lot Of Water

This is one of the first things that you should do when you’re suffering from UTI. Water helps in flushing away the bacteria which causes the infection. Drink as much water as you can. Up to 80 ounces per day. If it’s a kidney disease, you should consult with your physician as to how much fluid you should drink.

  1. Heat Can Soothe UTI Pain

UTIs can cause burning, pressure, and pain around your pubic areas due to irritation and inflammation. Apply a heating pad on the area. This will help in soothing the area. Heat setting needs to be kept low and shouldn’t be directly applied to the skin. Limit the use to 15 minutes at a time to avoid any burns.

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  1. Urinate Frequently

It doesn’t matter in how small amount you urinate, you should rush to the washroom every time you feel the need to. Urinating will help in getting rid of some bacteria that is causing the infection in your urinary tract. Not urinating despite feeling the urge to puts pressure on the kidneys.

  1. Consider Herbal Remedies

Herbs can play a crucial role in fighting UTIs. The bearberry herb can be taken to cure UTIs and achieve significant relief. However, it should not be used for a long period. Use it for five days or less. Using it for a longer period can end up damaging your liver. The godsend herb is also a remedy for UTI. But it is to be kept in mind that before using any of these herbs, you should consult a doctor. These herbs may bear certain side effects as well.

  1. Adopt Healthier Habits

Bring some healthier habits into your lifestyle may help you recovering from urinary tract infection. These changes can prove to be beneficial in prevention from further diseases as well. Start wearing loose undergarments and cotton garments. Also, make sure that your hygiene products are fragrance-free. While you’re onto that, you also need to quit your smoking habits, just in case you have any.

  1. Drink Ginger Tea

Ginger tea will be a good option for you if you’re suffering from UTI. It reduces the inflammation and also prevents inflammation that may occur in future. Plus, there are no side effects to it, so this is a vital remedy.


These remedies are beneficial in fighting against UTIs. When the situation isn’t filled with complications, adopting these remedies into your life might prove to be enough in getting rid of these urinary tract infections. UTI is a very common disease in today’s date. It brings in irritation, inflammation and a lot more unpleasing things. So if you’re suffering from UTI, you should consult with a doctor and with that bring these remedies into your life. Gathering information about the cause and the form of UTI you’re suffering from is important as well. Remedies should be brought in accordingly.

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