How to Get Rid of Lice Fast- Home Remedies

Head lice infestations are common in the school going children which they spread to one another in the playground, classrooms or anywhere they are together. Lice are annoying and unpleasant not only to the person but to the people around him too. Some experts too have talked about lice, Anna Albano-Krosche said,”the biggest problem today is that lice have become restraint to the over-the-counter stuff.”

How to Get Rid of Lice Fast

How to Get Rid of Lice Fast

How to Get Rid of Lice Fast- Home Remedies

Getting rid of lice is very important for an individual to have a pleasant and comfortable look. Here are some homemade remedies which could be used by an individual to get rid of lice.

1) Head Lice Treatment:  Choosing a head lice treatment is the quickest way to tackle a case of head lice. The treatment is also known as an ediculicide. Some peciculicides kill lice and their eggs whereas some kill only crawling lice. For the crawling lice, a second application is required. To use the pediculicide, read the given instructions on the bottle carefully and take these following steps.

* The person should be made to wear old clothes and he should be made to sit in the bathroom to make the cleanup easier.

* Apply the pediculicide to the scalp and hair according to the given instructions on the bottle.

* Allow the pediculicide to sit for the recommended amount of time which is not more than an hour. Don’t leave the treatment for a longer time. Leave it only for the recommended time.

* Wash out the treatment using water only. No shampoo should be used for 48 hours.

2) Comb out the lice with nit comb: This step helps to hurtle the treatment process but you can also get rid of lice using a nit comb alone. These are specially designed to pull out the lice eggs from the head as well as the dead lice.

* Divide your hair into two sections

* Start from the scalp and continue pulling the comb from roots to the end of one section of your hair.

* Swish the comb around in a bowl of warm water. This will kill the lice and their eggs as they die quickly without a source of food.

* Continue combing each section until the hair is combed.

* Sanitize the comb by putting it in a dish of very hot water after every use. Lice and their eggs die when exposed to a high temperature for over 5 minutes.

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3) Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment: This is another cheap and effective method to get rid of the lice eggs.

* Mix 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup Apple Cider Vinegar

* Pour it over the scalp and hair of the person

* Use the nit comb on the hair which will be easy to remove

4) Essential Oil Spray: Certain oils repel the lice and cause the lice eggs to loosen and thus we are able to get rid of them quite easily. A spray bottle should be filled with 5 drops of essential oil per 1 ounce of Water. Following oils should be used:-

* Tea Tree Oil

* Lavender

* Oregano

* Eucalyptus

* Peppermint

* Thyme

5) Wash the person’s clothes and bedding: After the initial treatment is given, wash every fabric the person has been in contact with hot water which includes pillowcases, stuffed animals, sheets, clothes etc. After washing with hot water, run them through a hot dryer. Lice don’t live for long once they’ve jumped off a person’s head, but it’s still advisable to be extra cautious and make sure someone from the family doesn’t get the lice. The items, which cannot be washed with hot water, should be packed in a plastic bag to suppress the air supply which would kill the lice.

6) Malathion Lotion 0.5%:  This lotion kills lice and their eggs but it’s flammable and cause upto second degree burns. It is not advised for children younger than 6.

* Apply the lotion to dry hair

* Leave it on for 8 to 12 hours and air dry

* Do not expose the lotion to heat sources

* Shampoo and rinse hair in sink, not shower or tub, before combing.

* Treat again after 7 to 9 days if the lice still remain

7) LouseBuster:  This device looks like a vacuum cleaner with a brush like nozzle. It pushes heated air towards the hair roots and scalp to dry out lice and their eggs. This treatment takes only 30 minutes.

8)😎 Vinegar: Some people believe that vinegar will dissolve the sticky glue that the female louse uses to attach the eggs to the head. The acetic acid helps in prepping hair for nit combing after a bug killing treatment. Often, white vinegar is recommended which is either directly consumed or mixed with water.

9) Mayonnaise: Lice can open and close their breathing holes to avoid suffocation so this method doesn’t always work but it does work in many cases. Those people who have tried it, they recommend using natural, full-fat mayonnaise. Use a considerable amount of mayonnaise and wear a shower cap while you sleep, the mayonnaise will their do work overnight. When you wake up, shampoo and comb for nits. Repeat the same one week after to kill any lice which remain.

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10) Hair-Styling gels:  There are not much solid researches about strong and heavy hair styling gels kill lice but it is believed that the goo suffocates the bugs by blocking their breathing holes. A study also showed that use of Vaseline was more effective than the other homemade remedies.

11) Onions:  Onions can be used as a natural remedy for the treatment of lice because of their richness in sulphur and high sulphur rate kills the lice.

* Grind 4 to 5 Onions in a blender to make a paste

* Put the paste on a sieve and press it with a spoon to extract juice

* Massage your scalp with juice and use shower cap to cover your head

* Leave it on for a couple hours

* Use warm water to shampoo your hair thoroughly

* Dry your hair and use nit comb to remove the head lice and their eggs

* Repeat this treatment for three consecutive days and then do it for once in a week and continue for two months until the lice are completely eliminated

These remedies help in getting rid of the head lice and make a person look better and feel better.

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