Jumpin’ Jammerz Soft Cozy Comfort Sleepwear

Jumpin’ Jammerz Soft Cozy Comfort Sleepwear

We recently had the chance to review a his and hers pair of cozy, warm Jumpin’ Jammerz adult footed pajamas and my husband and I were both thrilled with how soft and comfortable they were!

I received the Wonder Woman Jumpin Jammerz while my husband lit up like a little kid over his Batman ones. He quickly had to rescue his from our middle son, who is actually taller than dad now and a BIG fan of Batman too … but we were both warm and comfy in these super-powered jammies. The pockets were just warm and comfy enough to tuck my hands in, but convenient enough for my husband to tuck his insulin pump into. Also, I actually enjoy utilizing the very comfy thumbholes, which allow me to tuck my hand a bit further into the cozy warmth!

These soft and warm jammies were a hit in our house, even if Dad has to fight the kid to wear his (for some reason he isn’t interested in stealing my Wonder Woman ones, lol). I’m sure they’ll be a hit in your house as well.

More Details about the Adult Footed Pajamas

You can pick from Rock Star Footies, Superhero Onesies, WWE Footies Pajamas and over 250 other styles and colors from Jumpin’ Jammerz. They’ve been making adult footed pajamas for over 14 years, so their quality has been tested and proven.

  • Wash pajamas in cold water in a delicate cycle.
  • Air dry for best results or tumble dry with no heat.

Their sizing is actually quite generous (my husband and I were quite comfortable in our jammies), but the following size chart should help you figure out the right size if you need help:

If you’re interested in getting your own pair of footed jammies, you’ll have your pick of prints at Jumpin Jammerz! You (or the big kid in your life) can totally feel like a kid again in your own comfy pair.

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