Signs of Kidney Failure That You Should Know

The two bean-shaped organs in your body filter your blood & remove toxins from your body. Kidneys send toxins to your body which your body later removes during urination. Both kidneys feed urine into your bladder through a tube known as the ureter. In humans, kidneys are located in the abdominal cavity. Each kidney is present on both sides of the spine. Kidneys are essential in the functioning of the body. Here in this article, we are going to discuss regarding Signs of kidney failure ad how you can recognize them.

However, kidney diseases are common and so is kidney failure. Millions of people all around the globe are suffering from some kidney disease, and most of them don’t even know about it. This can come to a point when your kidneys lose the ability to sufficiently filter waste from your body, and that leads up to kidney failure. Whether it’s severe dehydration, chronic diseases, environmental pollutants or kidney trauma all of it can contribute to kidney failure.

When kidneys aren’t able to function properly, then the body gets overloaded with toxins which can lead to kidney failure. Kidney failure can prove to be life threatening if treatment is not provided. There are a lot of factors that cause kidney failure.

Signs of Kidney Failure

Signs of Kidney Failure

Some major factors that may lead up to kidney failure are diabetes, high blood pressure, family history of kidney diseases and old age.Sudden loss of blood flow to the kidneys can lead up to kidney failure. Kidney stones, enlarged prostate, blood clot around your kidneys, all of these factors can play a major role in kidney failure. Even liver failure can lead to kidney failure. This is called hepatorenal syndrome. Symptoms of liver failure are nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, loss of appetite. Kidney failures are to be treated immediately. Whenever you feel something wrong regarding your kidneys, consulting your doctor and going through some tests is important because it is important to have knowledge about the problems that your kidney is going through so that it can be treated accordingly.

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So, how would one know that he/she is going through such situation? What are the signs of kidney failure? Well, that’s what we’re going to go through from here on. The symptoms of kidney diseases and kidney failure that you may observe and get treated accordingly.

Signs of Kidney Failure:

  1. Sleeplessness

When the kidneys are having a problem in filtering properly, the toxins don’t leave the body through urine. They stay in your body. This makes it difficult to sleep. This is more common in those with chronic kidney diseases that can lead up to kidney failure.

  1. Dry & Itchy Skin

Healthy kidneys remove wastes and extra fluid from your body. They also help in making red blood cells. They help in keeping bones strong. Kidneys work to maintain the right amount of minerals in your blood. Mineral & bone diseases that accompany advanced kidney diseases can lead to the dry & itchy skin. This is because the kidneys aren’t able to keep the right balance of minerals and nutrients in your blood.

  1. Blood in the Urine

Damaged kidney filters make the blood cells leak out into the urine. This is because when your kidneys are healthy, they typically keep the blood cells in the body during the filtering process. Blood in the urine can also be a signal to the tumor, kidney stone or other infections.

  1. Foamy Urine

Excessive bubbles may appear in your urine that may make you flush several times to make it disappear. This indicates protein in the urine. The protein is called albumin, the same protein that is found in eggs.

  1. Weakness & Dizziness

The anemia related to kidney failure indicates that your brain is not being provided enough oxygen. This leads to dizziness, weakness, concentration problems or even causes people to faint.

  1. Ammonia Breath

The build of wastes in the blood called uremia can cause bad breath & also the food may taste different. You may also lose the will to eat in such situations.

Preventive Measures That You Should Take:

Kidney failure is a common thing, and it mainly occurs due to certain diseases and health problems which you’ve been going through. You have to change your routine if you never want to come across it. If you’re obese, start losing weight. Follow a healthy diet. If you smoke, then stop smoking because it never brings anything good to the table. Lower the amount of salt you consume in your diet. Live a healthy life, workout on a regular basis. Reduce the consumption of alcohol, if you drink a lot.

But then again, sometimes it just happens. If you observe the symptoms, then get tested immediately. Get your urine tested. Don’t wait for anything. Get proper treatment if your kidney is going through any problems. Ignorance can lead to something fierce and lethal that can even be life-threatening. Risks aren’t the way to go.

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